Gpu upgrade?

hello, i have an nividia 295 dual pcb model, and was thinking of up grading to a 7850, but i also was tinking of getting more fans/fan controller, i have about £50 atm, keep in mind i only have 2 fans in my case excluding the heatsink, should i buy more fans now or wait a bit for a new gpu?  i like to play games on midium-high settings and the 295 does this perfectly, just a thought, let me know what you think, thanks

Milk the 295 longer. It also depends on the resolution you use and what processor you have.


yeah thats what i was thinking, around 720p and i have an amd fx-6300 @ 3.5ghz gonna oc it soon though


Yup the 295 will be fine. I'm running a phenom ii X4 and i used to have a 285. Ran well when it worked, (started doing black screens). I'm running a 7850 right now, it runs cooler and uses less power, but the 295 should hold up nicely.

thank you, more fans it is then :) i was looking into getting a 7850, is yours oc'd?

No, it runs all the games i have maxed without an oc. Besides, when i had the 285 it ran at like 70-80 C, no matter what. The 7850 (HIS iceq) runs like 25 C, which im enjoying.

Grab those fans, they always help. Game on!

thats very nice for the price of the 7850 (think i saw an xfx 1gb for £126) and if needs be it can oc to the same as a 7870 xD right on!


Yup they have great value. I used to have a 4670 by HIS, before the evga 285, ran great so i had to get another HIS. No regretts here.

yeah, i think at the moment HIS have to best coolers on the 7850, i think asus isn't far behind but a tad more expensive with the DCU coolers

I think there is also MSI. Also gigabyte, reliably but sometimes they dont want to overclock as much.

yeah, im not to sure what temps they give xD id say they are all good anyway