GPU Upgrade Suggestions

I am currently thinking about upgrading GPU again, last time I decided to wait longer. Now I think it might be the right time. I currently have a budget ranging from 300-400 dollars and I am running a ATI HD5850 in my current set up that I will be selling if anyone is interested.

I was wondering what you guys suggest.

a 560Ti

or a 670

comparison between the two

Thanks for that comparison site never knew that existed.

its awesome, especially for someone say only wants to play BF3 you can compare the gpus that are good at it, they do CPU benchs too as well as tech news

Single 1080p monitor = GTX 660 Ti

Anything bigger = GTX 670

AMD is not bad either, but powerdraw and fan noise is a huge drawback for me.

If your budget is between $300 and $400, then I would definitely get a GTX 670.

I know it's over your budget, but it might be worth it to look at the Radeon HD 7970's too. Saphire has one on Newegg right now for $429.99. If I were you, I'd probably just spend the extra $30 and get that.

Go with the GTX 660 Ti for $300

I've heard ATI will be dropping their prices for the 7970, so just wait and see if it falls in your budget.

I'll borrow this topic. So first of all I just found teksyndicate and a great thing that I found it, tons and tons of information about hardware. So I built a new rig in the summer, but took to GPU from my old comp to save money.

So now I'm running a Sapphire HD5770. Personally I think that this card is starting be too slow for todays games. So I'm thinking of an upgrade, which I shall choose?

from Nvidia: the GTX570/670 or GTX660Ti or GTX580/680?


from ATI: HD6870 HD7850/7870

My case is a Antec Three Hundred so a maximun length of the Gpu 11" or 279mm.

My PSU is a Corsair TX650 V2.

So what would you recommend?

gtx 650 is coming out!!


I'm looking for more power.

just pop in some GPUs you are interested in and compare the benchmarks

if your getting a 660ti get the power edition, it OC's like a champ

I'm really interested in the EVGA GTX680... Is the 4Gb version enough for couple of years?