GPU upgrade questions

To preface this question, I would like to not be broke. That would be fantastic. HOWEVER, If my option is to save a couple extra checks to get something that much better, it shall be done. I play battlefield 4 and my current card is an r7 260x, and I can run battlefield at a playable framerate on mediumish settings. I would love to be playing it in ultra. I also litecoin mine when I'm not using my system or I'm in class, walking the dog, what have you. So, which gpu should I get, thinking in the r9 280 range but I'd like some helpful advice.

My specs

  • Intel 4670k
  • asus sabertooth z87
  • 24g corsair vengeance ram
  • 850w corsair tx850m
  • kingston hyperx ssd
  • XFX R7 260x
  • fractal design define r4

thanks a bunch!


r9 280x or just an r9 290 if you can afford it

okay now my last question; which vendor. Asus cards are sexy and it seems everyone gets the direct cu ii cards, but other vendors have cheaper cards and slightly better performance. so who?

I personally like MSI and Asus.

Well thanks guys, I finally did it and got the 280x from ASUS! :D