GPU upgrade or SLI

So it seems that the EVGA GTX 660 SC is starting to fall short on most modern games. Now should i try to save about $400 and get a GTX 870 (when ever those come out) or should I get my self a 2nd GTX 660 (At NCIX I have seen them at about $140)

(I would have to get my self a SLI compatible motherboard too)

the 870 would be your best bet as the games you wana play now will be on sale on steam lol.

If the new nVidia stuff comes out any time during 2014 then you should probably wait for it. Otherwise, another GPU may be the better bet for the short run.

If you have to upgrade your mobo just to go SLI it's not worth it in my opinion. Also, you have to consider if your PSU is sufficient, you will have to deal with extra heat, etc. SLI can also cause you some headaches if some games simply don't support it, if Nvidia is slow to release good SLI profiles with their drivers or if the game doesn't really scale well on 2 cards. A single card will always be the better option, so I'd say just wait a bit for the 8xx series if you can or get the best GPU you can afford at the moment.

I'm a firm believer that you should always consider single card upgrades versus SLI.  Usually by the time you decide to SLI the card is already sort of old and a new one is upcoming, so unless you have the cash to buy 2 new cards up front, don't do it.

Anyway, Maxwell is coming, but whether or not you want to wait or not is up to you.  You could always grab yourself a 760/770, both of which are great cards.

Would you have to upgrade your motherboard because it is too old to support SLI? If that is the case, if you put in a modern graphics card you may run into bottlenecks on the motherboard and/or processor. If you have to get a new mobo because of available PCIe slots, are you going to run into space/heat/power issues with your case if you put a larger mobo and another card in there?

Also, if Nvidia keeps the same upgrade pattern, the 870 is going to be similar to the 780, so you may consider that in your decision.