GPU upgrade, Linux, 1080p


CPU: Core i5 750
RAM: 12GB Kingston Value RAM
OS: Arch Linux x64
Monitor: Samsung BX2350 (1080p)

Games I currently play:

  • Saints Row IV
  • Metro Last Light Redux
  • Metro 2033 Redux
  • Counter-Strike Global Offensive
  • Fistful of Frags

I'm willing to spend around maybe USD200+ (MYR1000). Maybe 60FPS, 1080p on Medium~High settings.

I would probably go with a gtx 960 there are a lot of people that would recommend a r9 380 but I have heard from a lot of people that radion drivers in Linux are not great. I'm currently running a gtx 970ftw in my Linux rig and don't have any issues with the 355 drivers.

Any manufacturers you'd recommend? Some manufacturers like Gainward and Zotac are about 100 MYR (20 USD) cheaper than ASUS, MSI etc.

What about the 4GB and 2GB versions?

I personaly use evga because there the closest to the manufacture as for the 2gb vs 4gb the 4gb may give you a bit more longevity but it may not be completely utilized.

GTX 950 might be decent as well. I have one, but paired with Windows 7. Manufacturers shouldn't really matter so much, though some of them have really good coolers.