GPU upgrade help

Hey folks,

I'm seeking a bit of advice, Its been a long time since I've bothered upgrading my PC. I'm so out of the loop of knowing whats what. I'm after a new graphics card, I think something like the R9 280X. The price range is about right.

My current rig has;

i7 920 @ 3.6ghz
6GB 1600 ram
XFX 5870
Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD7

Would the 280x be alright in this system? Its just to prolong its life another 2 years or so. Open to any other suggestions!

I think the 280x is a good choice. Ensure that you get one with a decent cooler.

The 280x would be a very good upgrade assuming your power supply is sufficient.

I was looking at the "MSI R9 280X Gaming 3G Twin Frozr" that logan review last year.

I've got a Corsair HX850 so I should be good!

Thanks guys