GPU under-volting and performance governors - AMD

Using Ubuntu 18.04. I’m new to Linux so still learning.

My R9 290 isn’t giving me the performance I need compared to when I used windows - after asking here it seems to be an issue with drivers.

So I have decided to go for either an RX580 or RXVega 56.

My question is about under-volting and GPU guvners.

In windows it was just an easier slider ina GUI but I understand with Linux it’s a bit more technical.

Is anybody able to help or direct me to some info where I can learn?

If I go for the Vega then I heard it is a really good idea to undervolt - I just don’t have the first clue how to do it without EVGA Percision or MSI Afterburner

Unfortunately not my field of expertise, but I will link this (somewhat relevant) recent thread here:

TL;DR it’s not really supported but also not completely out of the question.

It was fixed by AMD on the 22nd of October. You should be able to do it in Overdrive. Unfortunately, you’ll need a very recent kernel to do it.

For those interested, this is the patch:

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I didn’t know you could get AMD Overdrive on linux

Currently, the easiest way is by using AMD’s proprietary drivers. I stopped using those several years ago, so I have no idea about the specifics.
As far as open source drivers go, currently there is only frequency overclocking. Additionally, due to changes being made (AMD is set to implement Overdrive functionality on the kernel), overclocking is no longer as straight forward.
The only viable and same solution right now is to use the available radeon power profiles. This simply lets you switch between preset power profiles with default frequency ranges.