GPU to upgrade or not?

Hi guys,

Im having a bit of a dilemma. With the advent of the new gen consoles I am feeling the urge to upgrade my gpu so i can stay ahead of the console paupers. I currently have a 7870 Gigabyte 1100mhz edition card what i was thinking was to buy a 7970.

 I game on a 1080p single monitor, do i really need to upgrade? would the 7870 handle the next gen titles well?

How does the 7970 stack up with the Nvidia cards, whats it in comparison to? gtx670, 680? I will want to play all my games on max setings, what would you recommend?


Thank you

I don't think you will, but if the next gen consoles come out and you think that you dont have enough performance then upgrade. there's no point in trying to predict the performance of the next gen consoles.


the 7870 is fine and will still be much better then consoles I would wait until 8000 series to think about upgrading again.

The 7870 is fine. You'll play games, comfortably. However, if you want to truly max games, the 7970 isn't a bad shout. Comes with some great games, in a bundle. And it stacks up against Nvidia equivalents very very well.

The PS4 is said to have the graphics processing power somewhere between a 7850 and 7870. If you overclock, you're still ahead of the peasants, technically.

My personal strategy, would be to hold onto the 7870, and maybe upgrade in 6 months. Or when the next generational leap of GPU architecture hits the market. I think selling a 7000 series card, to then buy into the 7000 series again is a bit of a waste.

See what is revealed in the upcoming 8000 series, or even wait until the 9000 series. That would be the best way to allocate cash, the 9000 series will bring the biggest performance increase. Far beyond consoles.

Great advice guys thank you. I will wait till the end of the year and see what happens. Just to know that the console kids will have a similar processing power as my card affects the balance of my mind.