GPU to crossfife with AMD A10-7850K

Title pretty much says it all. I have heard R7 250 but also 7750 HD. I was also wondering if any brands would support it better than others, and if I need to worry about the GPU core clock speed or memory size causing some incompatibility issues with crossfiring? ?

Buy the fastest ram your motherboard can handle before considering hybrid crossfire. Brand wont matter in terms of what discrete card you should go for just dont get one that still has slow ddr3.

Thanks, I was thinking of getting 2133. Yeah looks like the 7750 then.

Well basically, the new APUs only crossfire with R7 (not R9) Series Graphic Cards and the Best R7 series graphic card is the R7 260x. Just like deejeta said look into getting higher frequency ram ( I would recommend 2133 MHz if your motherboard can handle ) because it is proven that APUs increase preformance graphically when pair with higher frequency ram. 

I have a 7850k-- 2400 mhz works great but its still a bit slow at rendering things sometimes. When i buy a GPU, which i probably will. I'm gonna get an R9 280x most likley.