GPU to beat XFX 6870 1GB

With games like the Witcher 3 and Project Racing arriving shortly, I decided its time to invest in a new GPU, this will be near the end of the year when I purchase it, I was thinking AMD R9 270X or a 280X but which is a cheap card with a 2GB buffer, PCI-e 3 and rather fast, I do prefer AMD over Nvidia due to price/performance, so what would you suggest?

Quiet operation at idle would also be a nice feature, I use headphones while gaming, also OC does not bother me too much.


Depending on how well CD Projekt Red optimizes it, but I'm willing to bet since it's a open world game that you can at least get High settings with a R9 280x.

Witcher 3 will be a destroyer of worlds i'd go for 280x/770 

Witcher 2 can tank my 7950 if i turn on all the eye candy Witcher 3 is looking to be one of the most demanding games comeing out.

I would much prefer a 280X to 770, I dont like Nvidia that much these days, they seem to be trailing behind AMD in aspects of performance, and hopefully Witcher 3 may have mantle? :)

Plus AMD has a reputation of crashing the price of parts, and I dont plan to purchase until next year, so hopefully the 280X will be a little cheaper, Would go for a 290X but I aint having an oven that screams in my PC lol

The 280X is usually a bit faster than the 770 and it is an excellent card. The R9 290 is very good too and really can't be beat from a price/performance perspective.

A screaming oven? Yeah I suppose if you go with a shitty reference card with a blower style cooler on it. Any non reference 290/290X with a different cooler won't run anywhere near as hot or loud.

Well if money isent a set back the MSI r9 290x lightning dosent even go above 70c (thats cooler than a 780)

But it still produces a lot of heat.  It's just effective at cooling and expelling the heat away from your card, often into your case.

By this sentence:

 I was thinking AMD R9 270X or a 280X but which is a cheap card with a 2GB buffer,

You're looking for something cheaper than a 270X.  That would be a R7 265 or R9 270.

Realy? most mid to high end cards run hotter than 70c a 760 can get up to 80c....

It's open world, so yeah double the demand of your imagination.

Oh it's open world! and this is relevant to what exactly?