GPU Testing

My gpu (I think) is pissing me off.

So Im goin to put a different card in so I know for sure. Problem is the closest gpu I can find to mine would be an asus 7770 oc and im using an MSI 7950 boost. My plan was just to throw the 7770 in and see if i get a crash or the same error id 500 video memory is low blah blah thrashing may happen as a result, that i get with my 7950. My main question is, will i have to do any software changes considering the drivers from the amd site seem to be for the whole 7000 series? Any tips or feedback much appreciated. 

Ok i read that post. Have you tried swapping the card into a different PCIE slot?

I'll try that now, thanks. I'll post back in a few hours with the results.

No signal to monitor in anything but the first slot.