GPU temps and MOH Beta

Is anyone getting obscenely high GPU temps in the MOH Beta? Â My GTX 280 is hitting 90C in-game @ 1920x1200 with all graphical settings maxed out and vsync on. Â The fan speed is at 80%.

Hmm no idea, but my question is: why are you using vsync..
also... anyone wants to borrow their beta account to me?

I'm using vsync because I hate screen tearing.

This game sucks don't even bother.

is it only this game? haha, not trying to sound like an obvious douche but dust it out... my gpu literally hit 100c and turned off my pc playing battlefield a few days ago, dusted it out and it now maxes at 70. damn. cpu had the same issue.'s clean (I checked for dust before posting this). Â It literally only happens in MOH beta. Â This card is getting watercooled in a week so hopefully that will make this issue null and void.