GPU temps, 90 Degrees :DD

I have Two GTX 670's in SLi, and the Phantom 410 case (Rest of the specs are on my profile if neccessary). On the Phantom 410 there is a fan controller with three settings, and I now like to keep that controller on it's lowest settings because it's quieter.

Sooo, my question is this: Is it safe for me to have the fans at such low rpm when gaming? Planetside 2 specfically - Main GPU was at 90 degrees, second one 70 or so and CPU at 70 ish whilst playing. It's the only game I have that reaches those temps (Far Cry 3, Skyrim and other AAA game's don't come close).

I do use custom settings that basically allow the use of 1080p texture's, (Changed settings in the .ini file because standard maxed PS2 looks like shit - Decals for example) but my other games use 1080p texture's too so WTF?

Will I significantly reduce the lifetime of my cards / damage them with those temps? I can turn the fans up abit and achieve:

Middle setting: 70 on first GPU, 60 ish on second and 55-60 on CPU. 

Highest setting: 45 on first GPU, same on second and 45 on CPU. 

Middle setting is ok for noise but still a big jump from lowest setting.

I've heard that a properly optimised fan setup will lead to a silent + cool case so if anyone has suggestions on how I can "Optimise" my fan setup then that'd be great.


Standard fan positions for the case, A50 Corsair air cooler on the CPU and standard EVGA GTX 670 cooling.

Is it C or F? If its F then its perfectly fine, if its C you got a serious problem.

It's C :D.

My opinion is that you never want to get any thing in you system over 70c.

So while you are gaming turn up the fans, I mean its not like they drowned out the game sound.

If you want to optimize your fan set up you should get new fans that are rated for both air flow and silence.

I would recommend these:

Turn up your fans and if it gets too loud try positioning it away from you if you can. Make sure that there is no dust buildup near the fan filters. Clean up any excess dust around the case. Try to run cables away from the fans to get more airflow. If that doesnt do anything i would try getting a larger case/larger fans. 

Thanks for all the answers, Suppose I'll just have to turn the fans up a little for Planetside 2 which isn't at all a problem with my headset on but otherwise it's abit of a nuisance. Will likely be getting new fans but they're expensive and my RAM isn't the best so I'll probably upgrade that first.

In my opinion if you run your hardware too hot you run the risk of breaking, cutting the life of the product, and getting poor performance... I have the same issue with planetside 2 making my gpu hot so i set the fans and open my computer case...