GPU Suggestion

anyone has a GPU they can recommend me that is low profile and has low power consumption. medium gaming is what im looking for not as in like battlefield 3 intense more like COD cause i know it doesnt take much to run that game. btw my power supply is 220-240w i know its a little but i have a pcie 16x slot which provides 75w by itself

Ive got a Little Slimline Gateway that has the same Power supply in it (only 220w) and its running with a GT 430 1gb card. The card scores a 6.8 in WEI. Ive been playing stuff like Medal of Honor and Portal and Ace of Spades on it lately, Works great and you can use msi afterburner to get a little more performance out of it. Might be a good option since you need a low power slim card..Ā  Someone playing BF3 with a GT 430

can you tell me your framerates and which medal of honor? one more thing which gt 430 did you buy? another thing how far did you over clock it i dont want to blow it up when i over clock it.