GPU strange mining issue

so recently I started mining quite a few dogecoins. i've left my computer on for a max of 6 hours just mining in about a 70F room. all of a sudden i started mining this morning and my GPU, according to GPU-Z is taking a lot less of a load and is staying way cooler while mining. i didn't think this was right so i looked at my log file and it had totally different results...

GPU-Z says: constant 60-63C temps and 70-75% load.

Log File says: constant 74-76C temps and about a constant 70% load (not that off I know)


Also, i see it fit to note that yesterday i had constantly 75-76C temperatures as well as a full 95-99% load.  


is something wrong? 

what kind of graphics card is it? what miner are you using? i found a problem like that with cuda miner where if i had the config set improperly for the card or if i let it autotune it sometimes wouldn't be the best config for the card and it would only use 70 or 90% of the card. For that i had to use the--no-autotune and used -k16x16 for my 770 and i'm getting 380kh/s when idle with my overclock. It could be something on the end of the pool as well, i had it happen where at times it would go down to 200 or so for a while or even lose connection and it would eventually go up again, or restarting the miner would work to fix it as well.