GPU showdown: GTX 760 or GTX 960?

so I'm still looking around pc-partpicker to decide on componants for my new pc after the exams are done here in sunny Britain and i was wondering what is better: a GTX 760 or a GTX 960 seeing as though they have almost the same pricing/

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The 960 is slightly more powerful than the 760. You might also have more overclocking potential with the 960 as well.

The 900 series is better to have if only for the fact that nvidia are reducing the performance of the 700 series through gameworks and their drivers. The 960 now out perform the 780 in Witcher3 and Project cars.

This will.probably change but either way get the 960.

Edit. Wait what am I saying. Don't give nVidia one red cent. Nuts to those guys they are a blight on PC gaming, a black mark upon gamers. Buy AMD.

960, It's a better card all around.

Ignore the above, I messed up. Sorry. :L

It depends.
At 1080p with no filters the 960 will be faster. Once you add filters or go to higher resolutions the 960 really shits the bed. The 960 wasn't designed to be an upgrade to the 760 but actually the 660. Nvidia is pulling the 760s tho so if you can even find one that'll be the thing. Also they are slowly nerfing the performance of the 700 series. While certainly not the norm in some titles, Gameworks, the 960 will beat a 780. Somehow...

IMO don't buy either. Buy an R9 285 or a 280X. Both will be faster than either the 960 or 760. Plus the 285 should be cheaper too.

Any sources for this?? I would be really interested to see if you can confirm this if so, that would be enough to take legal action against them. If you can prove they are intentionally making the performance worse on purpose I would really really appreciate it.

I think the GTX 960 will be more accepting of the upcoming DirectX12 tech. If not, it is more energy efficient. shrugs

GTX 960 for sure. If the pricing is similar for you anyway. It uses less power than a 760, it overclocks better if you're into that, and it's a generation younger than the 760. The MSI model looks badass.

Well, it seems to be a logical deduction. In some games, ones that use the latest Gameworks tech, the 700 series performs very very badly. In these games a 780 is beaten by a 960 which shouldn't happen.

Well here are the benchmarks coming out of Witcher 3

and Project CARS.

Both Gameworks games,

EDIT: It really looks like they are reducing the performance, there is no way the 700 series cards should be doing that bad that quick.

Quite shocked to see that a 960 outperforms a 780.

I know games will be more optimised for the 900 series, but the top flagship card from 2 years ago (bar titan), surely shouldn't be beaten by the basic card of this year...

I don't know about other people but I for one am getting the same performance as the 980 in witcher 3 at max settings that is at the stock for the MSI 780ti I have.

Not sure how it would perform in Project Cars though.

Too early too tell I think.

This is most definitely not the answer the OP was looking for, but... forget any GTX card that ends in 60 for now if you are looking to upgrade. I currently am using a 760, and, for its time, it seemed to be the absolute best price-to-performance mid range card out there. Now, some have said that the 960 is the same thing, but for this generation. However... I think not. Every benchmark I've seen has made me feel like the 960 is underwhelming. Yes, the 960 is newer and has some advantages over the 760, so I could recommend if you are building a new rig on a budget. But if you already have a GPU, don't get a 960 - it won't be a real upgrade. If you want an upgrade that's not totally bank breaking, get the 970.