Gpu?'s on a Threadripper 1920x (Linux/windows) Art rig

I’m making a parts list for a Threadripper Art rig. I have it all done except Graphics card choice. Gigabyte Designare x399, Ryzen 1920x, 32gb 3600speed ram, Noctua CPU cooler, 6 120mm case fans, Fractal Meshify C and… Well, that’s where I need help I don’t know anything about GPU’s. But, I know the GPU requirements/recommendations for the programs I use. OpenGL, OpenCL and 2gb at the least this is for Clip Studio Paint, Autodesk Sketchbook and Krita. I have run these programs on my old laptops and an APU desktop but it’s been with onboard graphics this whole time. So gaming is not a priority, art/painting programs are the priority but I don’t do animation and I don’t do 3D rendering. So first Questions. Could I get 2x 8gb Radeon RX 570 n+ and run them in Crossfire to get better performance in my art programs? (From what understand that crossfire is being fazed out of games but my motherboard has 4x Crossfire capability) Or should I get one Sapphire Nitro+ RC 5500 8gb hat has OpenGL, OpenCL, 8gb of ram and Linux support? Last Question. Am I looking in the wrong direction… should I be looking at a Workstation GPU? (I have watched lots of videos, read all kinds of reviews on Workstation GPU’s but they all involved 3d rendering, 4k video rendering or animation. In which I’m not doing any of those things) I’m maxing out my budget at this point… so I looking to spend $300 on the GPU and then upgrade as needed. Thanks in advance for your assistance and help.

Any reason you are going TR? do you need the lanes or ram ? You should be able to feed any gpu on 8x which AM4 X series board can support.

Puget systems has a lot of benchmarks for hardware on the types of applications you have stated so they would be a good place to dig around.

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Thanks Mutation666, I will checkout Puget Systems have a tab open now. I am thinking TR because 12 cores for $179 and it does dive me room to upgrade if needed. Lots of Ram, PCIe slots, 2nd gen CPU’s and lots of storage option.
I was thinking a Ryzen 5 2600 but the low price of the TR is tempting.

In a lot of your workloads I think IPC performance scales pretty well so the gains from 1st gen zen to 2nd gen is pretty big, I wouldn’t be surprised if a 3600 was as fast if not faster bay a decent margin then the 1920x. You still have an upgrade path to at least a 3950x which blows away even the 2990wx (top end for that platform).

Ram wise AM4 can do 128gb (32gbx x4) which should be plenty.

I dont think dual gpu is a think that would really help you all that much so single slot leaves you plenty of IO for storage if you get an X470/X570 board.

I would check out the benchmarks, but the savings of x570 over x399 would probably eat a decent chunk back of the savings over 1920x, while probably delivering equal or greater performance. You only really lose ram if you need more and pcie lanes if you need a ton of devices (more then 3)

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I agree with @mutation666 you would be wasting money on threadripper for your use case. No upgrade path on x399 now. Those motherboards are already 3 years old and will likely go out of support cycle in the next 18 months.

For GPU, a 5500XT would be a good fit for your use case, or a 1660 Super if you want team green.

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Mutation666 & Airstripone thanks for the input/help. I pulled the trigger on the Ryzen 5 3600 and NITRO+ RX 5500 XT 8G. I’m excited about this build.


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