Gpu rip, new Build sugjestions pls! (college student)

 my old pc is old, 200(7-9) parts. the gpu died, pc doesnt boot with it installed, the only thing i can scavange is maybe the case and I plan to use my old hdd(hitachi 7200 rpm 1TB) f (all my shyt is there),

need a ~1000-900$ pc build [europe], editing, gaming, 3dmax.

programs ill be using

  • photoshop
  • illiustrator
  • coreldraw
  • after effects
  • blender/3dmax
  • zbrush
  • vue 3d

thinking about a GTX760 with a i5 or an i7, would love to have an ssd.

i suggest going for an i7, if you are gonna do any form of multitasking.

you're gonna love the upgrade to 16GB RAM (guessing your old machine has 8 or less). 

for the HDD/SSD i suggest installing your OS, and applications that need speed on either a 120GB or a 240GB SSD (depends on budget), and store everything else on the HDD.

I know nothing about motherboards so im gonna leave that to the more experienced community, but im guessing the total package will be around 1000$, and will be good for the next 5-7 years.

ok as you student and doing somewhat work and gamming over same PC

so here is my suggestion
AMD FX-6300
8 GB RAM Dual channel frequency as fast as possible  more then 1600
1TB hard disk (i personally think SSD were still costly and life span is less) 

get Nvidia Card Amd/ATI card not do justice with video rendering and stuff you looking for

like Nvidia 600 series as last year model is cheap as hell and in real world work you did not see much difference in performance

get ASUS or Gigabyte motherboard just google it i am not sure about Europe whats better available there


and you are done.. 

see friend i personally think as student you dont need much powerfull machine i Got Core 2 duo and Core 2 Quad and they were now use less so be realistic 

as you need future proof so let me tell you nothing is future proof 

2 year ago Bitcoin not so popular then last year they were popular and last year hard to find AMD cards

now new miners over come that cards so they bring mente API now no one have idea whats next year bring 

so this world and computers changes every day.. so most future you can have with current PC is 2 year max


Be realistic and wise 

Have a Good luck