Gpu recommendations

I want to upgrade to a 1440p monitor(ultrawide) and I currently have a gtx 770 4gb. I am wondering what gpu to get that will be able to run ultrawide 1440p at 100hz and max settings for current games and games into the future for a long time. Should I wait till next gen? Thanks for the help.

Wait. The 770 is more than capable. If you absolutely had to upgrade and absolutely need 100 fps than I'd get a Fury or 980 Ti...

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I don't know that a 980 would get you 100hz at that resolution, you'd probably need a 980ti to consistently get there. It depends on the game though, I'm pretty sure the 980 could run say MGSV at that resolution just fine. I'm playing it at 1080p with 2x DSR with everything maxed and have no issues. Most other games don't run as well as it though.

What would I be able to do with the 770? Would max the setting or do 5k or dsr? Would I get high fps?

Will a 980 ti be a good "future proof?" Will it last me a long time with wanting to max everything out ultrawide and high fps?

Nothing is future proof. For the time being yes, but I can't say so 2-3 years from now. Your 770 will get you around ~60-75 FPS without AA on high settings

I'm not sure I entirely agree with some others saying the 770 will be perfectly capable of 1440p.

I will say this: I just upgraded from a GTX 770, it was only the 2 GB model however, so the difference when I upgraded to the R9 390 with 8 GB of Vram was astounding at high resolutions.

If I had to throw out my two cents, something like the R9 390 is great. If you want to stick on the Nvidia side, I'm sure the 980 will serve you very well. I agree that it probably won't get you 100 FPS all the time, depending on the game.

EDIT: The R9 390 sits around a 970 in terms of performance and price, just an FYI.

I might try my 770 out and see how it performs. You think my 770 will last another 2-3 years? If I want to do better I think I will get a 980ti.

It will 'last' you, of course, but in 2 years it will be a 4 year old card, just keep that in mind. It all depends on what expectations you have for FPS/graphics. If you want only the highest quality possible at the highest FPS possible, then the 770 will start to show it's age soon.

Thank you for the information. I have seen other people say that the 770 is not capable of 1440p as well.

I agree with the others in that nothing is completly completely future proof, however except for the Titan X the 980ti is considered by most to be the most powerful single GPU card on the market. You could always add a second one in the future for SLI. That's my plan with my system, I've got a single 980 now with the ability to add a second one later on if I want the extra power.

Ya I want the highest quality at the highest fps possible. I have had my card for 2 years, I just don't want to have to keep buying a new card at a premium every 2 years. But that might have to be the case if I want to game at the highest quality and at high fps.

I agree that nothing is future proof as well I just want something that will dominate what I want and will last at least 2-3 years. Nothing is future proof because the newest hardware is already outdated by the time it hits the stores. I might do that as well if 2 980ti's can handle 4k well, if not ill get the next gen card instead of another 980ti.

From what I've heard 2 980ti's handles 4k fairly well; it's about the only setup that does.

if you want to drive that many pixels, especially in a multi card configuration, AMD is the better choice.

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@SoulFallen Are you talking about 4k? I am not that worried about 4k right now. I am not going to worry about 4k until it gets more mainstream and cheaper and better hardware(monitors and gpus that can dominate it). I am focusing on 1440p and maxing that out(ultrawide, high fps, max settings, etc).

Ya that is what I have read as well. But I'm not going to get into 4k until it has been perfected and its more mainstream. I want to get the best experience when I switch to 4k( high fps, max settings, gsync, etc). I am focusing on getting the best experience of 1440p ultrawide( max settings, high fps, etc).

referring to both 1440 ultrawide and 4k.
normal 1440p is basically a crap shoot between fury x and 980 ti and below that 980ti is king.

Im trying to only have a single gpu setup. So I am thinking about getting 980ti. @SoulFallen

At ultra wide 1440 a Fury X would probably do better.