GPU recomendations? For BF4

Hey guys,

I bought a pc and didn't think about the graphics card before hand... Now I want to play BF4 at Medium if possible at high or ultra graphic settings, the graphics card im running right now is a Nvidia GT 610(Shit).

 I want to spend between 100-150Euros(130-200$)

General Specs:


CPU: i7 3770(3.8GHz)

GPU: Nvidia GT 610

Ram: Crucial 16GB

Side note: I have only one "Normal" Monitor


Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.


Quad 780 Tis....

Seriously though, what is your budget? What resolution do you play at? "Normal" Monitor doesn't tell us anything.




I've got that in there 130$-200$ (100Euros-150Euros)

R9 280.  If that's too much, get an R9 270.

What's your power supply?

Ohh sorry didn't see that. Then yes R9 280 or if you can't afford that 270.

270, 270x or 280 all will be very good for BF4

So r9 270 2 Gb or is there no extreme difference



The R9 270 and 270X are the same card. The 270 is just clocked at a slower speed. You can usually overclock a 270 to 270X or faster speeds meaning the 270X, which is more money, is pointless.

The R9 280 has more stream processors and is a bit quicker than a 270 but of course costs more.

While the 270 or 7870 will do the job at 1080p the 280 will make for a smoother, better experience. Right now the prices are cheap and worth getting the 280 instead.