GPU passthrough

Hi, i want to know if its possible to successfully passthrough a pascal gpu to a windows guest.
I have a lenovo y520 laptop with nvidia 1050, i tried a bunch of things already, never worked. Also i research alot on the matter never seen no one acomplishing it. The closer i got was this topic I try to extract my vbios with nvflash doesnt work says that EEPROM not supported. But with this tool i can extract it from the bios driver i find in lenovo drivers website. But its still not going to be usefull without a patch on ACPI tables wich i have no idea how to do. I might be confusing things but i all know is that nothing seems to work.

laptops are pretty much a no go unless you’re willing to struggle with it for weeks.

I got it working on some Lenovo I ended up returning in my quest to not buy a Dell laptop. It’s more or less a laptop specific process and highly unfun .

I need a good dev to look at dxvk with me because I think there may be some firtle ground in revamping an old driver for guest accelerated 3d into a guest{}host shm layer with translation…

If you do find a way to make virgl renderer more useful, please name the fork/extension dante