GPU passthrough Manjaro (win10 guest), GPU fans not working?

Hi everyone, it took a while, but I successfully got my first GPU passthrough done on Manjaro. (guest is win10) the libvirt VM works fine, looking glass is setup nicely, and the (nvidia GTX 970) works on the VM. With the exception of the GPU fans not working and thus the card heating up way too fast.
lspci lists the driver as vfio-pci in the host, but since the fans actually work on a windows pc it must be some sort of driver issue.

Can anyone point me in the correct direction of possible issues?

Are you sure the NVIDIA driver is properly installed and working in the VM?

Fans should be able to be controlled and start when you start up the hyperviser (or host machine). During boot of the hypervisor, does the fans turn on?

Also, what is your second video card? I’ve heard of collisions when host and VM are using same gen cards. Is that loaded and running as expected in Manjaro? Can you give us the output of “nvidia-smi” in terminal?