GPU Passthrough configuration (incl. monitor) for ~1800 USD

Hey guys,

I’m about to build up my second PC for the last 12 years, but there’s a problem - I’m a complete noob when it comes to hardware.

The configuration will be used to run Linux (i’m used to working with Debian) as a host OS, but as you most of you know, I’m not planning on giving up the gaming experience.

That’s why, I’m planning on running a Windows VM with GPU passthrough so I can play some games. I definitely do not want to do a dual-boot setup, nor a dual-ssd one, as I’m used to working with Linux and I plan to stick to it for anything other than gaming.

So guys, what parts would you recommend me for the new setup?

I’ve noticed that some of the new mobos tend to mix up all devices in a single IOMMU group and as for that ACS patch is needed. I definitely would like to avoid that.

The budged (in which the monitor is included) is ~1800 USD (I dont mind spending extra 100 bucks if that means a better hardware).

Thanks to everyone that contributed! (and sorry for my bad english, not a native speaker)

First order of business: Welcome!

Trying to sort out what hardware to use can be tricky. These guys are a notch out of date in their hardware, but with a little forum digging it looks like X570 boards are a safe bet if you can find one. My X570-I from Gigabyte definitely has support.

I have more experience with Debian as well, but I’m expanding the stuff I know by following Sgt. Awesomesauce’s guide. There’s a lot in there that’s not specifically what you’re looking for, but I was sold on trying Manjaro because of the suggested custom kernel (and putting ZFS to use).

He hits on a lot of the particulars already. I can’t be of much more help 'till I spend a little time and dive in.

Best of luck!

Also, monitors. I think being more specific would be important. What resolution are you aiming for? Refresh rate? You can find good offerings in the $200-$300 range, but you’re optimizing for something.

Hi and thanks for the warm welcome :slight_smile:

Actually from what I’ve read on google and some vfio forums, I’ve found out that the combination i was after (Ryzen 7 4750G, B550A-Pro and Sapphire RX 5700XT) is pretty bad due to B550 Iommu grouping. After searching for a while, I couldn’t find any compatible AMD APU that works flawlessly under Linux, so I though I should look for Intel-based configuration. Anything Intel-based you can recommend me?

Regarding the monitor, I really do not have any preferences. I think anything from 24-27" will be pretty enough.

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