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GPU options? (100 -150 range)

Hi Folks,

I have a KVM setup with a GT610 on the host and a R9 390 on the guest. Looking for a relatively cheap upgrade for the host.

What I have issue with is the GT 610. Besides the age, watching videos on youtube at 1440p can sometimes be quite choppy so was looking at a quick cheap upgrade. The only “cheap” recent card I can find is a 1030 which I currently see for 80 to 100us depending on the model. Given the price of the card I just think it’s not worth it. I think I can spend a little more and get something that can actually game on the host as a bonus.

So on I went to ebay expecting to get an older GPU like a 480 around the 100US mark…boi was I wrong :sweat_smile: I am honestly a bit confused about the prices of used GPUs, they are nearly the same price as new ones and in some instances the bid goes higher than a new GPU…I probably just don’t have the patience to deal with bidding.

Anyway, anyone has any recommendations? Budget was around 100US but can stretch to 150 or so. I see some RX570 8GB and 1650 in this price range. Currently just perusing amazon and newegg, hit me up if you are aware of any sales or better GPU options.

Ideally I would like to upgrade to a 5700XT and use the r9 390 on the guest but that card is out of budget currently and don’t really want to spend that kind of cash given the current situation.

Zotac GTX 1650 OC was surprisingly affordable and also delivers surprising performance. Check B&H

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Hey I’d get something in between a RX 550-580. I find that the AMDs run smoother with Wayland. They are relatively cheap. You might be able to grab a used one from eBay for a solid price.

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User Benchmark Comparison:

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I was actually looking at the 580 or 1650 super on amazon as there are variants in the 160 price bracket, a tad more than I wanted to spend. However while browsing through amazon I realized that I actually have a sizeable gift card I received from about 2 months back which changes thing significantly but unfortunately GPU options seem to be limited currently on amazon, availability wise.

I wanted a cheap GPU in the same price range that had display power outputs since I’m using L1Ts dual monitor KVM.

Ultimately I got AMD Radeon Pro WX4100. It’s a low profile card with mDP ports, but worked perfectly. I bought it for $130 on eBay maybe 8 months ago.

I was able to pickup a RX470 for 90 USD on ebay about a month ago. for the host card in a KVM setup. I am still rocking 1080p, but on a dual monitor setup. I am not much of a gamer, but I have had no issues with video playback or rudimentary video editing. It did take a week or two to find one that fit the budget on the auction sites.

Based on the gift card I currently have on amazon (>150US) I may just stick with the original plan, go for broke and buy a 5700xt and use the 390 on the host.

Although I was leaning towards the 1650 super, the decision to go with the 5700xt is based around the gift card which I had completely forgotten about. I was thinking about waiting on the prime day sale but that usually ends up being a disappointment.

i just add some information:
you talked about youtube so VP9 decoding which every nvidia 10 series card can do in hardware and a couple of 900 series cards.
on AMD the first desktop card with VP9 decoding is the navi series.

if this works on linux is a different story.

The 390 will be the one used on the Linux host. I don’ t recall any video playback issues back when I used the 390 on ubuntu. To be fair I only have choppy video playback if trying to play videos at 1440p or above.

Hey, after some offers I was able to get a 470 on ebay under 90US with shipping. Honestly I didn’t even consider that model until it was mentioned and realized it was actually a good value for the price.

Decided to go this route and keep the gift card until a significant sales event comes up if I still want to purchase a 5700XT or whatever the equivalent will be at that time.

I hope it works out for you, It fit my bill really well. Which one are you going to use now for host duties?

I am going to keep the 390 as the guest and use the 470 as host. It will be nice to have a GPU with a little bit more power on the host.

I have had my 390 for about five years which still works fine for 1080p. I got a 1440p monitor about 2 years back and that’s when I noticed the 390 having difficulties at that resolution. I am no power gamer so if I have issues running something at 1440p I just extend it to a 1080p TV for some console style gaming. Personally I find current GPUs to be quite expensive but maybe if there is significant discounts on GPUs in the future I might upgrade :man_shrugging:

well my point is it doesn’t have a hardware decoder for VP9 that doesn’t mean it doesn’twork for youtube but you either get h264 version which has a lower quality or VP9 is decoded by software.