GPU not working in system

My friend has a asus cm1745 pre-built system with a a10-5700k 8 gigs of ram a corsair cx430 watt psu windows 8 and i dont know what kind of mobo but.. when he tried to put a gtx 650 ti boost in it wouldnt display an image of the bios, splash screen, or windows boot screen. So we tried a gtx 555 (oem) and that didnt work either. We both are stumped and dont know if its a bios issue or how to uptade the bios if thts needed. 

GPU forum, not the deprecated Hardware forum. Please and thank you.

The BIOS might need updated to support PCIe 3.0, or maybe the mobo doesn't support PCIe 3.0 at all...

I'm not even sure if either of those cards are PCIe 3.0 in the first place, but I recently had to update my Gigabyte mobo BIOS to get PCIe 3.0 support. I'd imagine that is the most likely thing.

It's worth doing a search on the mobo manufacturers forums for answers.

Last I knew, PCIe 3 was backwards compatible with PCIe 2 So that wouldn't even matter. I've once had a system before where it only wanted to display from the onboard video rather than the gpu until the driver was installed but not sure if that's the case with this one. It was a rather older system that did that to me.

we have tried changing drivers but that never worked and gave us the same results. And this system is brand new with 8.1 installed now.. it could be a mobo issue and if it is should he just get a new mobo and try that?

Did you plug in the power cord for the GPU? Common problem with nothing happening or posting.

It may just be something simple to diagnose. 

  • Make sure you are using latest drivers and bios.
  • Make sure the card is seated all the way in the pcie channel. 
  • Check that the pcie power cables are plugged all the way in. 
  • Make sure your video cables to the monitor work or are not damaged and that you're on the correct input on the monitor.
  • Make sure that you only have the gpu hooked up to the monitor.
  • Can also go in to the bios and disable the onboard video or switch output to gpu only or make sure video output is at least set to automatic.


Those are few simple things I would generally check for before spending any money.

We have checked all those things and the video output is set to automatic. We just dont know how to update the bios becuase we dont know what the mobo model is.

if the GPU is broken you got a nice cup holder. That's always nice.

Did you try setting the primary video to a PCI-Express setting? Hybrid Crossfire turned off? When things are set to "Automatic" its not necessarily good or bad and tends to lead to more questions than answers. Automatic isnt automatically going to do exactly what you want it to do all the time (talking about in a general sense for bios/uefi).

The model number may be printed somewhere on the mobo.

I was looking through that systems user manual and found bios updating instructions on page 53/54 of the Asus CM1745 User Manual.pdf if you want to try that out. Also you can download bios here. You just have to click on "Driver & Tools" then select your OS and you should see bios in there.

Otherwise I leave you with this and this. Good luck.

This, leaving the BIOS setting to auto will default to the integrated gpu if I remember correctly with an AMD apu set up.....if I remember correctly....