GPU not performing well?


I was wondering why my desktop isn't doing well in gaming in 1080p settings. i have a AMD FX8350 running stock clock and running a EVGA GTX770 4GB Classified edition. For me, i don't know why my framerates aren't doing so well in BF4 (running at 40-50fps mutliplayer and could have huge framedrops in high settings) and dayz running barely over 30 fps.  I'm sure i have enough power on my PSU to push it out and i don't know what other reason is causing this. Any help would be great!

Thank you Tek Syndicate communuity!



What are the full specs of your system? Like everything. Build it on PcPartPicker so we can take a look. 

It could be a hardware issue or it could be drivers. What drivers are you running? -----> PC 

My graphics driver is 334.89

Is this good enough?


So you would think windows 8.1 is better than windows 7?

What are the temperatures on your GPU and CPU during gaming? What is the CPU and GPU usage?

Also try finding an older driver and see if it performs better with that.

Some games do see a boost in Win8 some see improvement at all. Personally, I don't think it is Windows 7 causing the issue, but Windows 8.1 in someways is better than Win7. It is much faster and does have some cool features. 

That fix you may have had Pop might not have been going from Windows 7 to 8, it might be because you did a fresh install of Windows which fixed whatever problem you were having. 

My GPU was running at 68-85C and my CPU at max was 60C.

You don't think my CPU/GPU is throttling right?

There is a beta driver for Nvidia. I'm not sure if I should try installing it though. 

And I don't want to pay 80 pounds for windows 8 lol.

When I got beta access to titanfall, I didn't get any fps drop though, i had perfect constant 80fps at high settings. 

The CPU temp is a bit high. It shouldn't be throttling but it might be a bit. That could explain DayZ which is very CPU intensive. 

Try installing the beta driver. You can always rollback later. 

Whoops I meant 75C max. I didn't realize it when i posted. Sorry

Do you think my MB is good enough for handling the CPU/GPU? because this motherboard was really cheap when I got it compare to the other components.

Asrock 990FX extreme 3 4+1 powerphase and analog vrm, i would say monitor the temps, the motherboard could throttle the cpu.. That motherboard is a bit of rubbish for an FX 8core cpu.

Anyway dayZ will probably get bottlenecked trough the cpu, dayz has realy bad multicore optimization, this is a game that realy favours intel. same story with ARMA Dayz uses the crappy arma engine.

Why your scores are so bad in BF4 idk, did you installed the latest GPU drivers? also look if you play BF4 if you get usage on all 8 cores.. could be that windows parks 4 cores.

<p>If I were to change a different motherboard, which would would you recommend around the 90-110pounds range if possible</p><p>Would DayZ get any multicore optimization updates when the game is full released rather than in beta?</p><p>I have no idea why its so bad in BF4 but it gets a bit better when the game loads for a while, perhaps it does have framedrops in the beginning of each match and it smooths out in a couple of seconds. And yes, it is in the latest GPU drivers.&nbsp;</p>

i found this movie, on youtube BF4 multiplayer with GTX770 2GB.  Overclocked FX8350 and overclocked GTX770. hes getting arround 40 fps minimum 60fps avarage, and 111fps max, so i guess your numbers are not that bad, what do you get on average? and what do you get on max in BF4? maybe your motherboard holds back the cpu a bit.. you could check the load on the gpu and cpu during gaming, if the GPU runs on full load, then i does not get hold back by the cpu. also check the temps

I'll take a look at that motherboard. Might get it in a few weeks if this motherboard is the cause.

My avg is around 45-50fps. min 20fps max 90-100fps.  I'll check while I do game again tomorrow and see how that goes. 

So you're saying when my gpu is running on full load, that means my cpu is not throttling it? Am I correct?