GPU Not Maxing Out ClockSpeed

Hey, I have a GTX670 with a base clock of about 900Mhz and when I am running demanding games such as BF4 I am sturggling to get 50 FPS on low settings because it is not using it's full clock speed, it is only using 700 MHz

Here's a pic


First, I don't see a pic.

Second, what kind of temperature is it hitting?

Hey I think I may know how to try and fix the problem, I would try downloading something like 

MSI Afterburner: - Use this and go into the settings, try to set the K-boost or look for an option to set the card to the boost clock all the time

Or for an EVGA card use

EVGA Precision X: - This is what I use to OC my card and it does a great job, theres also an option to run your card at max clock all the time (raises temperature, and noise)

Also can you give me your computer specs? There may be something going on, sometimes the GPU wont run at max unless needed, are you up to date on your Nvidia drivers?

Download drivers here:

Let me know if I can help any further 


54 C

I haz the same problem from time to time... my 7970 will occasionally be running at 950mhz at load, rather than the stock clock for the bios I have it set to, 1ghz... my temps are only 60c, fans at 40%....