GPU not detected due to power draw?

Hi all
I have an optiplex 3010 with an i5 2500 and I was looking at putting a 1050ti in it (75w) and it doesn’t detect, fans spin but even the bios does not see the gpu
But if I install an old quadro 400 (32w) it’s detected.
I am thinking of getting a cheap 1030 for this pc which is 30w would it be detected?

Many Thanks

I recall in a video L1T did on repurposed workstation computers that they sometimes will not recognize the discrete GPU. You may see if their is a BIOS update out there that will give that particular system support.

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What’s “tla”?

Concerning the OP: Most likely it’s not a matter of power draw, but rather BIOS compatibility of old workstations with modern GPUs.


A typo. :open_mouth:

it’s probably because your motherboard does not have an UEFI bios and the new gpu’s from 6xxx or 7xxx don’t support legacy.
I had the same shit with an 2500K and a GTX780 on a HP motherboard.
Tried a whole bunch of things, wasted many afternoons.
Ended up replacing the motherboard with a UEFI one and voila it works…