GPU most bang for my buck?

Hey, its been a while since i've built a computer but I need some advice on what graphics card to get for around $400 AUD, I will be using it mostly for games but I may have to do some 3D modelling in the future, so far i've gone with an AMD FX-8350 on an ASUS sabertooth motherboard with 16gb 1866 ram, also if you guys could help on the power supply side as well, that would help a lot.


290 if you can find one.

Probably a GTX 760 or a 770. the Prices of AMD Cards have Skyrocketed since the Crypto-Currency took off.

Thanks, just wondering also if the wattage on pc part picker is accurate? here's a link to my build and what power supply you would suggest?

yeah it is to an extent. if you want to be secure grab like a 650w or 750w PSU.

Cool, thanks for all the help, you're awesome