GPU losing signal on steam games?

Hey guys bit of a weird one. It's happened 3 times now :/

Upon exiting steam games my monitor loses signal and won't come back until I shut down my pc. However if I go to the mobo hdmi it works just fine.

It's just done it now as I exited gta to desktop. I remember last time it did it as I was opening a screenshot in my steam folder (literally the second I double clicked it). And If I remember correctly the first time was again, the second I exit a game to desktop.

I'm 100% sure it's not the cable, but not sure what it might be. The only thing linking it is steam.

Any ideas ? I hope the gpu/port isn't fucked :D


PS It's similar to what this guy is describing

If you can isolate it to steam only , and can confirm full screen aps that don't run in steam work fine , then it's a software problem with steam.

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Case closed.

The power connector must have been loose ! What a nob head :D

That timing must have been 1 in a million though, it's what threw me off.