Gpu lifespan

Recently built my first pc and IM LOVING IT. I will never go back to expensive laptops or apple again.

Currently running all games off my A10 6800k. Super impressed with this little guy until I tried to play batman arkham origins. Had to put everything on low and still somewhat unplayable. So i decided its time to get a GPU.

I'm interested in the AMD 270X and 280x. I have a great job but just got married so the money I'm putting to a graphics card SHOULD be going to furniture.But I want something that is long term.

My only concern is that I take the cheap route with the 270x and forced to buy a new card next year because I didnt buy the 280x.

So my question is how long will the 270x last me? I only need to play games at high (ultra would be ok) no more than 1080 and I want to run two screen. Monitor for game and 32" Tv for productivity 





  1. you did try switching off physx right? (horrible single thread software version that only seems to be there to make amd look bad...)
  2. Set your own tessellation levels through the catalyst control center.. it is well known that nvidia set the tessellation levels way too high (past the point of perception) to also make amd look bad again.
The comments make me laugh... they are made by clueless people who think that the poor performance is down to amd's 'bad drivers'
When a game company partners up with either nvidia or amd you can be sure that AT THE POINT OF LAUNCH and for at least a month afterward the performance is going to suck a bit on the competitors cards.
All I am saying is that you shouldnt base your amd card purchase decisions off of one game (which happens to run WAY better on nvidia cards and was launched in such a terrible state for amd cards...) and given the inflated prices of the 270's + 280's you would be probably better off going with an nvidia card anyway.
Personally nothing could drag me back to nvidia but the choice is yours.. if you want the best 'bang for buck' for this particular game at this current moment in time then your choice is nvidia shudder
See that?... I hate the company and yet I can still recommend them under the right set of circumstances (price/performance). I hope that goes to show that I am not a complete amd fanboy :D

Thank you for the advice! I will take it to consideration but if i got a nvidia 760 for $250 I will wish I got a 280x for $300. I'm just wondering if I get a midgrade card how long will it last me?

GFX cards arent really known to just up and die in a year.  More than likely youll see your self get a new one in a year as you want more performance.  Ever since i built my pc, i havnt gone 4 months with a single GPU.   GFX cards are not the same thing.  More price does not mean more life.   When you go from the 280x to the 270x, your not loosing build quality, your loosing stream processors and clock speeds.  

I think I chose the wrong choice of words. But I see what your saying If I sacrifice price over performance I will need an upgrade sooner? The higher clock speed and stream processors, the longer I will use it? 


For my needs do I need a high end card? I just want to game off one 1080p screen, and run a TV for an additional monitor and run games at high and very high (even though I dont plan on buying BF4 anytime soon)

If I want longer I will just get a higher end card 770 or 280x, I was Just wondering if a 270x or 760 would be better for my needs.


770 and 270x are the sweet points of performance at the moment. With Crypto coins, The price of 280x's is too high. 770 is similar performance. 760 is good price to performance but its not the sweet spot. Compair the the performance on benchmarks. look at the prices and just think, how much are you willing to spend for how long you want the card. The more you spend now, the better gaming will be now and the longer the card will last.

I'm also wondering what the rest of OP's specifications are. Specifically, what RAM and what monitor resolution.

If your interested in my 7950 I might be willing to part with it for a good price have had it only for about 6 months but just recently invested in a expensive water cooling loop (around $600 in parts for just cooling my cpu) and since my card is a non-refrence design 7950 vapor-x I cant do a full block card like I would like. If you are interested let me know, not looking to any crazy amount.  At this point AMD cards were a good value but with the mining and bs that has pushed their values up way to high for the cards I was looking at I will probably be going 780 route. So at this point I think nvidia is the way to go, unless you are looking at the lower end.

I Think you would be better off over clocking the integrated graphics on you APU and save some more money for a graphics card like the GTX 770 or R9-280(X)

An APU is nothing compaired to a a dedicated GPU and overclocking is not going to get what he needs.

I recommend he over clocks his iGPU as a temporary fix so that he can have some more time to save for a better dedicated GPU