GPU in the $150usd range (give or take $10)

So here is the build I am working on completing I am wondering if i was able to scratch together an extra 20-30 USD if i could get something much better than the R7 260X? Or would I be better off sticking with the 260X and putting that cash towards upgrades down the road?

If you can wait, NVidia is going to release a 750 ti for $150 soon that may beat out the 260x. If you can't wait a few weeks and want something more powerful, the R9 270 for $180 is a good buy. 

Thanks I won't be finishing my build until mid Feb so I'll wait and see, from what they show would the 750 ti possibly be better than the 270? because I might throw the extra towards that



Supposedly this card is good for its price,one of the reputable people over at LTT forums recommended it.