GPU Help

Hey guys, I have a stock Dell Inspiron 537, It blows, but I was wondering if I put a GT 610 in it will I get a good FPS in CS:GO, i'm looking to get around 45+, I have like $50 to spend on a GPU (Poor), so what do you guys think?

TL;DR Would putting a GT 610 in a Dell Inspiron 537 allow me to get 45+ FPS in CS:GO?

When it comes to Dell I would highly recommend calling them directly and giving them your computer service tag and asking them about video card upgrades.  

Don't buy from them but get an idea of what cards are "valid upgrades" which would be compatible chipsets.  Then go get a card from there.

You will also want to open your case and make sure you have a decent power supply with PCIE power cables for a new card.  May have to upgrade the power supply to 500+ as well if it only comes with a 350 watt because it looks like a very low power system.

Thanks! I'll give Dell a call tomorrow, and I'm also gonna see what I can do about this shitty PSU,