Gpu help needed

hi all, iv got 2 gpus at the moment in my pc, Hd radeon 6450 and a gtx 295, the 295 will not work by it self for some reason, if its only the 295 when im booting no disply is given, but if i use the 6450 i get picture in my first monitor (6450) and when the home screen comes up i get extended desktop using my 295, the 6450 is showing as the "master card" how do i make it so only my 295 is working, i dont mind only using one screen, please note i cannot use the dvi ports on the 295, they dont seem to work (il look into fixing that if i get the 295 working properly) i have the latest drivers for both, the 295 is in the first pci-e slot the 6450 in the other

also i can get both to work off the 6450 no problem


if you need any more information please ask

this is driving me crazy

thank you


could really use some help

You could try going into the Nvidia settings and go into the Physx section and select your card to be Physx only.

well the whole thing is i dont want the 6450 in there atall, but for some weird reason the 295 wont work without the 6450

I wish I had an answer for you. Have you tried using legacy drivers?


me two xD i have not, whats the difference between them and normal drivers?