GPU Help (Decision)

Ok, so im new here, and i mainly joined to get some help with my gpu choice. I can either go with 3-way sli 670's, or 2-way sli 680's. Both would be water cooled, and overclocked. My CPU would be an overclocked 3770k, and i would have a 1200w corsair psu. Does my psu have enough juice to power the 3-way sli?

I'd go 3 way 670's but whats your application? Gaming or rending/editing etc?

I plan to use the rig for heavy gaming, and some rendering. Is the psu good enough?

I'd do two 680's mainly because some games don't benefit (or even run worse) when in sli/crossfire so having each card more powerful gives you a more solid base. & Yes your PSU can handle it, but you might be cutting it close with 3 OC 670s and you should be fine with 2 680's but try to get a second opinion as I'm not exactly an expert in regards to power consumption.

Are you sure? Ive seen benchmarks of games and they run at 170+ fps with the 670's. The 680's are good too i guess.

Yea if your goal is for gaming (maybe surround?) then the 680's are nice. The draw back with the 670's is the scalling... 

What's wrong with the scalling? I feel i can get a little bit more "bang for my buck" with the 670's.

After adding the 3rd card you wont see a crazy diffrence and in some games it might "glitch up" and cause more problems...

How much fps would i get with the 680's oc with watercooling?