GPU Help! D=

My current build is:

Intel i7-3770k

16GB Crucial Ballistix 

600 WT Rosewill Stallion PSU

Asus Z77 Mobo.

I'm looking for a mid-grade GPU to add to the build so that my build will be complete. I am looking in the range of $150-$250. Mostly I will be gaming on this rig as I am trying to get away from console gaming. I am currently debating between the HD 7850 and GTX 660, but everyone I ask just seems to favor one company over the other and cant really give me a solid answer besides "I like NVidia."



7950 and GTX 760 are both in your budget. They have the same performance out of the box. However, if you overclock both cards, the 7950 will have a significant margin.


GTX 760

The HD7950 recommendation is the one I'd agree with over the 760 in the long term, esspesially if you don't plan on upgrading for a while. Games are seamingly using more and more vram from my usage and it's getting dangerously close to 2GB with current games at least for me at 1440p. I don't think next gen games are going to be less demanding, and I wouldn't be surprised if OpenCL eventually becomes used by Devs in console games for environmental physics which may help the AMD card in the future if they plan to transfer that tech over. For the short term, and esspecially at 1080p, I think I'd say the GTX760 would be a sweet buy, but we'll see. 

If you want to step a touch out of the $250 level, you can get the HD7970 for $289.99 after mail in rebate. To me it's really worth the extra money, I just returned a HD7950 that I got just before the price drops (I knew price drops were inevitable before hand but it was for my only rig and my HD7870XT died out of the blue and I needed to replace it) and bought this Sapphire card. While the HD7950 was great, I'm really liking this HD7970. Memory at 1.65v overclocks to an awesome 7200Mhz which really helps smooth out gameplay at 1440p for me. Stock cooler looks nice, but I can't speak for it because outside of testing to see if the card works I've been using an MK-26 cooler on it (already owned it).