GPU hdmi audio with Av receiver

I’ve just got a Denon AXR2400H I’m using HDMI audio to input 6 audio channels and the passing through video and outputting to my display via the output on the AVR. The problem I have is this causes stuttering in games especially even when the game mode is set on AVR. I realise I could use optical and just output audio to the AvR that way but this only allows for 2 channels therefore blu rays with multi channel audio don’t output correctly. I have a feeling I may need an external audio card with an HDMI output does anyone have any recommendations or suggestions of want to try before taking the plunge on more hardware. Many thanks .

What resolution are you using? I’ve noticed that it works fine with 1080p but if I use a higher resolution I have audio issues.

I’d connect directly to the display and have a second hdmi connection to the AVR just for audio. If you don’t gave multiple hdmi connectors you can get dvi to hdmi adapters.

Weird, i have the same receiver and i’ve had no problems so far with a standard HDMI cable connected between it and my PC to stream 4k video and 7.1 audio, both from video files and games.
I could be one of three things, either your graphics card, your cable or your receiver are to blame…

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My resolution is 3840x2160. I have one HDMI output on my gtx1080. Will a dvi adapter allow 6 channels If I use it for audio though. Many thanks.

Yeah, it’s electrically the same as HDMI

Did you notice any input lag or stuttering? The AVR is great it’s just a struggle using it with games. A cheap 2nd graphics card may sort it but not sure I have space.

This may a good solution then I will give it a go. Many thanks didn’t expect a reply so quick.

Can’t say i have, i even played some fast games like Quake Champions to see if i could notice something wrong and no, nothing wrong whatsoever, it runs just like as if i was playing in my monitor.

The only issue i have with the AVR is the same i’ve had with all my TVs so far as well, which is certain, very specific applications (like AIMP and Asus’ Aura) freezing up the elements on the Windows 10 UI, but that has happened for quite a while.

check your cables and hdmi tech chain… Not all hdmi cables are equal. Try different routing instead of avr first. Pc to tv to avr ect…

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Ok so I tried outputting over DVI and still have problems with lag even when the display is directly connected over HDMI to my GPU and Im outputting audio over DVI. Im thinking maybe im putting too much load on the gpu, processing 6 channel audio and 4k output. Its fine and no problem at all if I output audio over optical from the mobo but then I have to switch if I watch a blu ray. I may get a cheap gpu since that’s easier than finding a soundcard that has an hdmi output.

Without full pc/gpu specs, you make this next to impossible to track. A simple routing trick may solve your issue if you have an optical output. All depends on what you have.

I thought they were on my profile. But I have noted them below. I appreciate the reply.

Zotac Amp Extreme GTX1080
I7 6800k
16GB Hyper X Fury Ram
Asus Strix X99 mobo

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Did not even look :slight_smile: Use to people posting them direct. Windows ? Have you shut off the gaming dvr in win 10 ect… all drivers updated and working correctly. Shut off the native windows sound processing ect… There are different types of hdmi cables in world… Have purchased the ones the signal return and support for 4k @ 60 with 7.1 support.

Ive just done a wipe of nvidia drivers in safe mode and installed the newest one manually and have the same problem. I have turned off all the win 10 gaming bar stuff but did not make a difference. I didnt think it would be the cables but I will try some new ones. Currently I am outputting audio over dvi via an adapter and then that hdmi cable goes to the AVR. The other hdmi cable which 100% supports 4K is going from HDMI port on gpu to the display directly. If I just output stereo I have no problems with lag on the directly connected 4k display. I do have a 1440p display too which is connected over displayport. I have monitored the load on the gpu when in a game at 1920x1080 and it is less than 10% yet I still get lag when outputting 6 channels.

Do hove both the mb’s and whatever windows says the generic driver is installed at the same time ? I often have to nuke out the generic audio drivers that windows install verses the mb specific support drivers. Try it without the other monitor just to eliminate that. Should go through the entire bluray and audio chain to see if something is a miss in the support in regards to your pc.

Do you have any kind of audio sync stuff enabled on the AVR? Disable that if you do