GPU Handle 1440p Gaming?

My current video card is the GTX 690, I'm looking to run duel 1440p at 60Hz.


Performance Rating (Important):


I'm looking at getting two of these (after much research) if the GPU can handle this monitor:


I want to know if you guys think the video card will support the duel monitors I picked out before I go ahead and spend $800.  I know the video card is kinda old but its what I have, and right now I only have a single 7 year old 1920x1200 monitor Gateway FPD2485W so I'm looking to upgrade as this one is starting to die on me.

My goal is 1 monitor for 1440p gaming and the other for streaming monitoring.  I will also be using the PC for streaming, gaming, and productivity including updating web domains, photo and video editing.


Based on the performance review link information it would work, I would just like community input before I spend the cash.  Your help is always appreciated!

This isn't really a troll and of course is not the answer. the 690 only has 2gb per gpu that was dandy a few months ago, now all of the sudden we are seeing games double in vram requirements. you're going to find a 690 will run stuff maxed out with 60 fps that feels like 20 fps due to the stuttering. It's going to stutter with any major titles on max settings released this year or later. turn off filters and antialiasing and you should be fine but it's not the ideal card anymore. if you're fine with no filters and maybe a few settings turned down it'll work for now but don't bank on it being very good a year down the road, if you get the 1440p monitors I would advise on an upgrade to the card in the near future.

Dual 1440 with maxed out setting would cripple your 690. You'd maybe be able to do no filters like SoulFallen said, and turned down some settings. I run dual 690's on a single windforce 970 overclocked to 1553. I'm fixing to order another one because in some games and extremely modded skyrim 180+ mods (most of which being for better graphics, particles, etc) it drops down to 25-30fps in some spots. My r9 290x with true 4gb of vram does about the same. Just my experiences that you can take for account what you want

Sorry, I thought it was 4gb per gpu.

I know its an older GPU but its the one I have and I would rather run lower graphics and upgrade later than not get good monitors


My main goal is that it would support both monitors as that is what I'm looking to buy right now.


I will get a new video card next year when they have dx12 support and maybe free sync and then would get a 3rd primary monitor at that time.


Right now I have been able to play everything at !ax settings. Only ywp games I have not tested are star citizen and mechwarrior.  I'll test those tomorrow and see how they run at 1080p 


Anybody else have additional input?

As long as you're aware then have fun with the new monitors, if you haven't selected what you want yet check out Wendells recent review on one of those 1440p Korean monitors, it looks pretty good might get one myself.

Yeah I had been deciding between the Crossover and the BenQ for a while. If you want to overxlock go with the Crossover.  Personally for $30 more per monitor I get a nice BenQ with Amazon prime shipping instead of two weeks for international.