GPU for the AMD APU A10

What gpu should I get for the A10-5800k APU. I want use the intergrated gpu and a discrete gpu in a crossfire like fashion or just the discrete gpu to try to run games like battlefield, crysis, bioshock...etc. if possible.

if you are going to get a discrete GPU that defeats the purpose of getting a APU, Dual graphics is not cost effective and does not yeild much gain

If I just go with the APU will I be able to run battlefield, crysis, bioshock...etc?

Not at 1080p max. You could either go 720p max or toned-down 1080p

yes, the apu already provided an integrated graphics that defeats the purpose of buy a video card. if u want more graphics performance, u can crossfire with a 6450, 6570, or 6670. but the apu integrated graphic is good enough to run battlefield 3, crysis 2, and bioshock, but u got to set it at reasonable resolution with reasonable graphics setting.