Here is one for you guys. My build that I have been designing over last couple of months is starting to take better shape. I will be going through with it around March next year (I HAVE KIDS AND AM POOR LEAVE ME ALONE). I will be putting my current rig and my new ITX rig in a Lian-Li dk-02x. One of the things I have wanted to do for a long time though is to have a super widescreen multi-monitor setup. I will be running 3 ASUS VG248QE monitors on a monitor stand running at 5760x1080. The real question I want to throw at you guys is if I am running this setup, what would be the best single GPU to put onto an ITX board to power most games at least at medium/high settings around 60+ fps. I am not in a super push for ultra, and I do not always play the super new games. Some of my games will easily be over that, such as League of Legends. I also play games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and TERA online though. Would a GTX 770 4gb version power enough for that, or would a 780 Ti be needed to push that high of res at that framerate?


EDIT: I would also like to add that I would prefer not trying to go for anything over a 780 Ti if at all possible. I will be having to work overtime to fund this machine as is.

March next year....... you for reals???  This question for which gpu to choose would be better asked like next February. 

There's a 8gb version of the 290x . blue with black from sapphire. just came out. you're welcome.


r9 295x2 (just kidding) 

ANY 290x! no one seems to be complaining with their 14 monitor setups with regualr models.


but the time you are ready to build this...better things COULD of come out by then.

Well I know that, but there is no problem or hurt in doing some research now is there? I haven't seen a person on the forums show me some benchmarks of them gaming at 5760x1080 pushing over 60fps in most games at high/ultra....... 290x would be good, but I am looking for overkill in order to not need to upgrade as soon.

That's pretty much the best you can get. and it should push 60fps in eyefinity,just google some benchmarks,it's that easy. it's either a 290x which handles high res better than the 780 ti and more vram,3gb vram is already starting to have problems. I'd get that 8gb 290x tbh,it's as futureproof as it gets,8gb vram is probably safe for the next 3-4 years,probably.