GPU for new PC

Hi, Im building a new budget pc based around planetside 2. I reallyl like this game but right now i can't play it even on low with 45-60 fps.

Current Specs (get ready to piss yourselves of laughter)

Pentium Dual 3.4ghz cpu

8gb ddr2 ram

Nvidia Geforce GT 610

Crappy Seocket 939 mobo

New System on standby order:

Im getting Case,CPU, Ram, and mobo from my friend used for $150. Im getting everything other than that from newegg mainly (fans, psu)


My problem is that i run a single 1920 × 1080 monitor. I want to play planetside 2 and BF3 on High (ultra maybe) but i dotn knwo what gpu could do it in my price range. Im thinking i want to spend about $300 for a card or 2 card setup. I think ive narrowed it down to SLI gtx 650 ti boosts ($150 retail on newegg), or a single hd radeon 7950 3gb OC (but i dotn want to overclock these past their preset overclocks. Help?

I could do a 7870 but it hink these are better.



Oh and on pc part picker i added all the parts from my friend into the total twice by accident... So the mobo is actually the one i found on pc pat picker... and i decided to get 8gb more ram.

Also im not sure if this mobo is sli capable now that i think of it. So if it isnt then ill change my choices from 2 650 ti boosts to one single 7870 ghz edition or gtx 660 superclocked. (7950 will bottel neck phenom i believe.)


I would reccomend a GTX EVGA 660 Ti ($220) or the AMD 7870 ($210). The 660 Ti is a little bit more powerfull and they go in sale on Newegg a lot. The 7870 would also be a good choice if it goes on sale. :D