GPU for my system

Hi there

I am building a new system and I have all the parts but the GPU

I have 600 CHF (I live in Switzerland) left.

GPUs are normaly about 10 -30 % more expensive then in America and a CHF is more or less the same as a $

My System:

CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 2700 OC at 4.2 GHz
CPU Cooler Corsair H115i RGB Platinum
MB: Gigabyte X470 Aorus Gaming 7
RAM: Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 2x, 8GB, DDR4-3200
SSD: Samsung 970 EVO Plus 500GB, M.2
Case: Lian-Li PC-O11DW Dynamic
PSU: Corsair HX850i (850W)

I got a really good deal on some parts as they are refurbish and checked by the store and have one year of warranty. The system works so I made some really good deals.

Now what GPU should I get for max 600.- CHF.
I don’t mind buying used and I got a 1080 for 300 CHF but I sold it as I would like to get something faster for VR gaming, mayby 4k in the future.

I was thinking 2060 or to wait and see what the new AMD cards will be priced at.

Will the new AMD cards likely beat the 2060?

Should I have taken the 1080 (I could get a another one used for around 350.-

Thanks for answering


A 1080 would do reasonably for VR or 4K gaming, but this honestly depends on how sensitive you are to FPS I suppose. Look for some benchmarks for gamings you’re wanting to play and see which GPU fits what an FPS target you want to hit and fits your budget

a 2060 is not going to be faster than a 1080 for vr and tbh you dont even need a 1080 for vr.

should have kept that 1080. wait for computex to finish and see what new deals might happen because of it.

I would have taken the 1080 however now that your in this situation wait for new cards… see if you can get a 1080 ti used for cheapish…

Never go dual GPU its pretty pointless now… Nvidia is best for VR however If you really wanted to have another option … its no super highend card but RX Vega 64 is alright versus a 1080 they are pretty even…

Youll experience less Bullshit with the AMD card especially if you stick around on this forum and get convinced to run linux but the NV card will have better performance

So I gave you choices… good luck :wink:

If linux is in your future in any way i’d be looking for an AMD card (unless you need CUDA), and Navi is about to drop (or at least most likely concrete pricing, etc.) so if you can wait, it may be worth it to wait irrespective of which way you go, as if Navi is competitive, Vega and Nvidia prices may come down anyway.

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VR gaming: which HMD would you be using? You won’t be able to do anything with, say, a Pimax 5k at native resolution for probably a long time. For a Rift S? Probably fine with an RX580/GTX1660.

Try not to second guess yourself on what’s already sold.

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No Card on the market will offer a solid 4k Gaming experience. Some will somewhat work, but they all will struggle. And at this point, i wouldn’t even worry about it. 4k Gaming is niche, and most monitors that are 4k are either cheap panels or prohibitively expensive. And neither are made for gaming.

I agree that second guessing selling the 1080 is not a great idea. You’ll be hard pressed to find anything faster at the moment. 2080 and 2080ti are just to expensive and a 2070 won’t be a big jump over the 1080.

So yeah, if at all possible, wait for the next gen AMD. If not, look for a used 1080ti.

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Well with all the progress being made on ROCm we’ll be able to run CUDA code natively on AMDGPUs pretty soon. I’d still say wait for Navi. Especially for ML/AI in the near future.

Anyway thank you for this thread
After a good nights sleep I woke up and thought
"Was that guy talking about 1080’s used for 300 to 350 bucks???"

Went to ebay after a long time of avoiding used GPU prices

For vr you can play even Skyrim vr with an rx580. My red devil pulls it off fine and stays at great temps. I only paid $130 for it. *On an hp WMR