Gpu for 223$\185$

ok I need a gpu which can go with i5 or amd FX 8350 I need a gpu which can run crysis 3 or any new 2013 games

 my range is 185 $

If that doesn't  Work I can make it 223 $

My local shops told me to buy gtx 650 which is 185$ or gtx 650 ti which is 223$  but some one on forum told me it won't be able to run up to date games like crysis 3 so please help me

I don't care if it's NVIDIA or ATI radeon u know  my range 223$ so through something at me that can run new 2013 games

Thank u

at around $200 you can drop it on a 7870, that's a solid card

Agreed, 7870

I am getting 7870 for 385 $ here in India  =(

Please. Suggest me some 1 GB vedio cards only those come for around 200 $ here :-S


385 $ in my country. Only 1 GB vedio cards are around 200 $  any good 1 GB cards ?