GPU fan issues

Hey all,

Within the first few minutes of PC idling, my GPU fans slow down to a stop then speed back up, causing a loud sound.

This only seems to occur when on the balanced power setting under Win 7. I believe this is due to the fact that "performance" setting keeps the monitors on, providing a slight load for the GPU, rather than having the monitors off which allows the GPU to idle as well as the system.

GPU is a HD 7950 from Gigabyte. This problem has persisted for well over a month now.

Anyone know what is going on? I contacted Gigabyte support but so far they have not been of help.


You can use MSI Afterburner for their helpful fan control software, you can set the fan speed according to the current gpu temperature. It's free and works for all cards, Nvidia or AMD. Just explore the settings. 


You can try customizing your fan curve.

Thanks! I will give it a shot. I thought that MSI afterburner only worked with MSI cards, so I have never used it.

UPDATE: MSI afterburner did not change anything. The fans still turn off when the system is in idle but now they don't switch between on and off as frequently.

Did you set the fan to user defined and changed the fan curve? Go to Settings>Fan>Tick enable user defined software...> change the fan curve according to your taste.

Then go to Profiles tab and set a 2D profile to a specific clock and another 3D profile for playing games and doing graphics intensive work. It should be able to work.