GPU drivers for ubuntu

I have a sapphire nitro + radeon rx 570 8GB, I am currently setting up my GPU, I was wondering if i should install the drivers from the official site of sapphire ( ) or AMD, and also have never done this any tips along the way will be appreciated

Neither. You can use the built in drivers that I bug tested for months that are built into the kernel :UUU


Anyways, no you don’t need to install any. They are built in and do just fine. AMDGPU is NOT radeon.

So what is radeon?

Radeon is now the driwer that handles cards in apu’s pre 75XX, desktop cards pre-7XXX, and ati cards before that. Essentially a legacy driver.

The only thing you’d need the pro driver for is re’lly high end workstation cards or a mining rig. Maybe. Not sure on thu latter really.

AMDGPU itself is more than capable of whatewer you throw at it, plus packages added for CL and AI workloads. The only thing you might add, if its not installed, is the MESA library packages, and even then you get 5% bump at most.

If you need HDMI audio, you’ll need to install AMDGPU-PRO driver in addition to the OS-supplied AMDGPU.

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I will be using this as mostly a machine to just explore linux, virtual machines, and some casual gaming nothing too crazy, but I am intending on mining monero when I am away.

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HDMI audio is only in beta testing. It doesn’t actually work on AMDGPU. It does, however, work on radeon.

For consumer use the open source stack (all the radeon, AMDGPU, MESA drivers and so on - it pretty much a full collection of different drivers covering all necessary support. You can just call it the “open source stack” for simplicity) are more than enough.
Depending on how new the kernel is (which ubuntu version do you have?) you probably do not need to do anything. All the necessary drivers are pre-installed.

If you want to latest stable ones just use this PPA:

Follow the instructions there to add the PPA and then the newer driver will appear as a typical update.

Now if you actually want to do mining then you need OpenCL support and that comes only form the AMDGPU-PRO that you download from the AMD website. But it is not very stable so only go for it when you actually need it. And make some recovery point before hand.

For mining you will need OpenCL, which requires the amgpu-pro[prietary] driver.