GPU driver problems

So I have a radeon HD 7750 made by power color and i'm having problems with the drivers crashing. I've tried using older drivers and it still crashes. So what should i do? Any help would be appreciated.

Try the beta drivers. AMD has notorious driver issues, though they have been far far better recently but some issues still remail.

Get an AMD Richard, it will fixx all of your intel cravings.

Check the temps are ok, if the cards overheating it can cause a driver error.

It is a Powercolor though... myeeah

I have no problem with power color they have treated me right when i've had problems and it is not over heating its OC and it doesn't get over 45 c. And i have tried the new beta drivers and i get installation error. so....... just go with it and wait till new drivers and hope it fixes it.

Had a Powercolor 4670 a few years back, ran great without issues.

Power color get the shit but I've only heard good things from people with them irl.

necro detected shutting down
but seriosly check the date :P

I know, who cares.