GPU Driver Problem

I have an Asus R9 280X TOP gpu and I'm having an issue with screen flickering up and down at random times exactly like in this video (Not made by me nor of my computer). I think it has to do with the drivers but I am not sure what it might be exactly so I need some help.

When I installed the GPU I didn't use the drivers from the disk that came with it but downloaded them from the Asus website. Tried doing the VBIOS update that was recommended there but a popup said it's not required. Shortly after installing the drivers I noticed the flickering. I also noticed It was Asus catalyst software and not AMD catalyst. Could it be possible to fix the issue by uninstalling the Asus catalyst and replacing it with AMD catalyst or would it make no difference?

I also have an AMD A10-5800K which has integrated graphics. Could the APU somehow be messing with the GPU even though I uninstalled all of the apus graphics drivers before installing the GPU?

So far I haven't been able to find a solution anywhere and I really hope someone here can help. 

Give the driver swap a try, can't hurt any.

Switched the Asus Catalyst for the AMD Catalyst and it continues to flicker like before. Does anyone have any thoughts?