Gpu dilemma please help!

I would like some advice on an external GPU. 
I know that you can do it with an ExpressCard slot but, my laptop does not have one.
Is there any way I can still put an external GPU on it, even if I have to do something ridiculous like solder it into the GPU slot on my motherboard, and, speaking of motherboards and GPUs, the GPU that I currently have is integrated so is there anyway I can upgrade the motherboard with a new integrated GPU. The laptop that I own is a Toshiba Satellite 17.3” laptop (P875-S7310B). I have an i-7 Processor and 8GB of RAM so it is good for gaming there, but it lacks on the GPU since it is just an intel mobile integrated GPU. PLEASE HELP, and thank you for your time. 

The GPU is integrated into the processor , not the motherboard.

It's just about impossible unless you have thunderbolt.

I suppose you manually make an external PCI-e slot from a mini PCI-e, but that isn't very practical, and would be very delicate and tedious soldering work. 

Either get a new laptop with dedicated graphics or build a gaming desktop.