GPU/CPU overheat/Bluescreen!

Recently built my first computer. Went together well with little to no problems. Even got all my drivers installed (I think). But been running into some weird problems... At first some heavy gaming (Warthunder, Tomb Raider,) would soon lead to a blue screen. I figured that it was a GPU/CPU overheat so I downloaded GPU-Z, and MSI Afterburner to monitor and make minor changes to my fans. I also downloaded Core Temp to monitor my CPU core temps. It was all going well when I was consistently checking my temps and either raising fan speed or shuting down my game (I also turned on V-Synce). But after a small 1 min car ride with my computer to a lan party all of my temps got really hot, even at idle, could heavy game for more than 15 mins. What could be the cause/cure for all of my heat problems! Thanks for all the help! I also have NOT overclocked any of my hardware.

My build:

Case - Corsair Carbide 500R (stock fans)

CPU - i7 4770 Haswell

Video card - EVGA GTX660

CPU fan -

Is the heatsink still in place properly? Did you accidentally make the fans run on a low rpm while you were in Msi Afterburner? 

Chances are the cpu heatsink's mounting has come loose whilst you were in the car. Imho i'd go back to the stock intel cooler. That rosewill unit isnt much chop. Remember just a small pea size amount of TIM whenever you replace the cpu heatsink.

Your gpu wont overheat in normal conditions. Especially since you have a well ventilated case.