Gpu clock stuck at 501mhz

hi, i have the asus matrix 7970 planinum edition and i get 60 fps on battlefield and advanced warfare on ultra settings, yet when i play league of legends and csgo i can barely get 60, i think it may be because my gpu clock is stuch at 501mhz when playing but im unsure, any help appreciated :)

The GPU is not running past 2D clock rates for those games as they aren't taxing it enough. My 7970 Matrix did the exact same thing for anything less demanding than Skyrim.

The best way to fix this is manually disable the 2D step with ASUS GPU Tweak. This means when the GPU needs to advance past the idle speed of 300MHz, it will jump straight to 1100MHz as it would with any 3D Application. 

Quck edit: If I recall you can also set profiles for individual games with Catalyst Control Center that will tell the GPU to quit slacking. I personally never tried that, as disabling the intermediate 2D clock speed seemed to work just fine.

thanks for the reply! but how do i go about disabling the 2d settings? i am on them in the asus gpu tweek but cant see how to disable them 

Well if there is a little "2" next to the "3D" at the top of the Tuning screen, by clicking or right clicking it you should be able to disable the settings. Other option is to raise the 2D clocks to exceed 500MHz. That way you stop the bottleneck.

Recalling from memory of 2 years ago when I had a Matrix, I'm fairly certain I just raised 2D Clocks to match the 3D clocks.

it doesnt seem to change the fps im running at on csgo :( how do you add a game to play in high performance mode on ccc?

Open CCC, open the Gaming tab, click 3D Application Settings, then on that window you can add a game to the list and manually adjust how that game runs. To add a game just click + Add ... and browse to the game directory. For steam games it should look something like C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common.

Open the file for CS:GO, then select the actual application (such as csgo.exe) and click "Open". That will add the game to the list so you can manually set how the GPU runs the game.

thanks for the help! now do i just mess around with the settings in 3d applications?

I actually use Raptr and their Optimization tool. You literally click one button and it changes all of your game's graphics settings to the highest possible that your hardware can handle. It also shows a nice side by side comparison of the optimal setting vs your current setting in each category.

But this sounds like a problem due to a setting in your Asus GPU tweak. Try resetting all the clocks to their default setting and restarting. I had a similar issue with my Gigabyte 280X where the GPU clock was stuck at a lower value and resetting to default fixed it.

i just reset to default and im currently getting raptr, will let you know what happens :)

i still only get 40 fps even when the game optimised. the fpd doesnt change when i lower the settings either